How to choose towels? > Your guide on how to choose a towel

Your guide on how to choose a towel

Here's a summary of what you need to consider:

WEIGHT - expressed in GSM (grams per square meter)

Standard range is between 380-600 GSM. The lower the weight, the lighter the towel. Lower gsm doesn't mean less quality, but it means that the towel will be less fluffy. 

Lower GSM: lightweight and quick drying.
Higher GSM: thicker and more spa-like.


Cotton: natural fiber, soft, breathable, affortable, low maintenance
Linen: natural fiber, comfortable, durable, anti-microbial, natural scrub
Waffle weave: honeycomb, fast absorption, dries fast
Mircrofiber: combi polyester + polyamide, extra absorbant, sport towel


Combed cotton:
softer version of regular yarn, no inpurities or loose threads, stronger beacause weaker fibers are removed in the process.
Twisted/double yarn: more stable than equally thick single yarn, stronger end product, extra long lifespan.
Carded ringspun yarn: carding machine straightens parallels and cleans cotton fiber, twisted long and short fibers tightly, excellent price-quality ratio & voluminous touch.
Zerotwist: longer and stronger cotton fibers without twist, looped through the towel base, superior softness.

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